About CrateWorks

Dear Customer,

20 years ago I was nearly run over by a huge state snow plow truck. Jogalite, the company I founded as a result of that terrifying experience, has become the premier line of reflective gear for sports enthusiasts in the USA and in 15 other countries worldwide.

CrateWorks has come about in a similar way, though not quite as dramatically. Now in middle age, I’ve turned to bicycle touring with a passion (that’s me in the picture doing BAJA!). However I’ve always had a problem shipping my bicycle. We traveling cyclists have had to make do with left-over bicycle store boxes or pay $300 and up for expensive molded or aluminum cases.

In short, I finally built my own box. It was so successful that all my cycling friends wanted one too, and I decided to make the boxes commercially. CrateWorks was born Nov. 1997, just twenty years after my run-in with the snow plow.

How long will my boxes last? The PRO I (corrugated) is designed to hold up for at least 10 trips under normal conditions. The PRO XL, XL-C, XL-RC and XLTC Models (CORRXr Plastic) will give many years of continued use. (See Reviews) Better yet, when ANY of our boxes begin to wear or are damaged through mishandling, you can call customer service at 1-800-934-5214 and order only what you need to replace it…it’s a system.

From one cyclist to another…enjoy these bicycle boxes. Believe me, they are very well made. Happy roads!

Huntington Barclay
Founder of CrateWorks and Jogalite

In late 2002 I sold the company to my Cousin Steve Thompson who continues to run it to this day. Rest assured Crate works under Steve’s control still uses the same high quality products and it’s still the only bike case I would use for my bicycles.