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Crate Works Travel Boxes

This group took 30 Crate Works Bicycle Travel Boxes 1/2 way around the world - and BACK! Not one bike was damaged and ALL the boxes returned in near perfect condition..."

Wandering Wheels Tours
"As you know, 30 members of our New Zealand Tour Group used Crate Works Pro XL-C Bicycle Travel Boxes on our recent trip. I am happy to say that not one bike was damaged and the boxes all came through with flying colors. A few of the group used cardboard boxes and had real problems. Not so with Crate Works! In fact we like the box so well that we will be using it again for our next New Zealand trip in the Fall."

Bob Davenport

Crossroads Cycling Adventures
What a box!
I am truly astounded by the ingenious design and attention to detail! Well done! You have a great web site but it doesn't do justice to the quality box you sell.
Great product!

-Tracy Leiner

Ocean Shipping
I have shipped 3 bikes by container in Crateworks XL-C boxes 2 times over the past 5 months. Both times the boxes were on the bottom of the container with all the other household items stacked above them and wedged to the ceiling. The bikes were totally unaffected by the shipping. I recommend the boxes. Keep in mind I did not have the boxes laid flat, but I really don't think it would have mattered.


Thanks to your crates,our bikes arrived in land's end in excellent condition. We rode them all the way to john o'groats. Thank you..For supplying such a great product and such great service!

-Jeff Bock

I have already spread the word of praise for your system..It just accompanied me to the 'escape from alcatraz' triathlon without any problems. I actually sent the box sealed in your shipping carton. I cut a hole in the top and attached a nylon carrying handle that bridged the two straps. The shipping carton made it through four flights without much damage. And the pro-xl container itself still looks new! Thanks for a great product!

-John Kane

Hello folks at Crateworks!
We've been meaning to call forever. We bought boxes from you around x-mas time and went on a GREAT bike trip through Death Valley Natl Park. Just wanted to say" Thanks!". We love your boxes! We didn't get charged on either flight & it was super easy to load/unload our bikes! I've traveled before with bikes in traditional boxes, or gone somewhere cool without my bike then rented one & we're never gonna do that again! cheers!

-Eloise Brown,AK
Thanks so much for such a simple cheap but great product. I recently took a trip and ordered one of your ProXL-C boxes. I was a bit hesitent about bike travel in general for this was my first trip with my bike. Your box performed admirably with only a few surface scuffs. The amazing thing is how easy it was to pull around the airport on a standard luggage cart. The only other problem I had was that once the bike was in the box and I started loading all the gear inside I had grater than 70lbs (airline limit) and I had to take out alot of stuff! Thanks

-Barry Morgan
Big Ring Cyclery
"I am writing to tell you how happy everybody is with their Crate Works Pro I bike carriers. The group I went with consists of serious racers whose obsession with their bike's condition (mechanical and aesthetic) is legendary. Our trip was the Dolomites section of the 1998 Giro d'Italia with Breaking Away Bicycle Tours.

"In short, everybody who used your carriers (and those who did not) were very impressed. The bikes arrived safe and sound, we were not charged for extra baggage on our flights, and the assembly was easy. The carriers got wet and were fine. Other people in our group of 33 had problems with other carriers including oversize charges, too big for transport in taxi, banged up frames and unwieldiness on airport luggage carts. Greg and Terry Hogan, owners of Breaking Away Bicycle Tours and veteran Eurocyclists said they thought Crate Works boxes were the best they'd seen."

-Alex Homokohl

I thought I would drop you guys a line and let you know how well your product worked. A few weeks ago, I bought a recumbent case and used it last week for its initial trip. Everything worked out fine. The case was easy to assemble and pack. My vision R40 fit fine (except the seat of course) and I had plenty of room for everything but the kitchen sink. The bike and case made the round trip from Louisville to Albuquerque and back without a hitch. Thanks!

-Ron Hatch

Seven Cycles Intl.
"We love the Crate Works box. The people who have seen it are greatly impressed with it. I have used it to transport and ship one of our prototypes all around Europe and it has come through with flying colors..."

-Bill Goodman
Good morning:
About 5 months ago I bought 3 of your Pro XL-C boxes to transport our bikes overseas. I would like to tell you that never have my bikes traveled so securely and safely. The design is ingenious, the boxes resistant to anything that shippers and baggage handlers tried to do to them and the price fantastic. What more could I want from a bike box? It would be nice if after use it folded flat and...Wait a minute, it does that, tool! You have indeed thought of everything. Thank you again for a great product.

-Neal Esko

Triathlete Magazine:
"THE CRATE WORKS PRO XL-C looks like a glorified corrugated box but is actually much more. Called CORR-X, it's a 6mm high-density polyethylene unit that is totally waterproof and strong, with 5 pieces of compression foam inside and lots of tiedowns. Also available as an option is a wheel/caddy kit complete with attached caster wheels and pull strap. The box's two hinged, cup-fit halves are secured by over 340 sq." of hook/loop fastener. For those in a financial pinch,the CRATE WORKS PROXL-C is the most cost effective bike box of the bunch (TRIATHLETE/2000 BIKE TRAVEL GEAR REVIEW.) It also folds down like a cardboard box, so storing it isn't the space eating problem that other cases tend to be. "
"I tried to destroy it, but I just couldn't. I did my best to annihilate your CRATE WORKS bike box. Three trips to Europe, with the return legs full with gifts, wine, olive oil..and I just COULDN'T wreck the thing. I punctured a five liter tin of oil, let it slide down stairs, pulled it along cobblestones(without a cart or wheels!)and-nothing. The thing still works. It ain't pretty, believe me. But my bike's safe and sound everywhere I go.

"And GO I do. The first five Mountain Bike WOrld Cups this year, Spain Wrld Championships..and pretty soon, the TOUR DE FRANCE!

"Hell, I'd buy another one ...if I needed it."

-Rob Coppolillo, Conductor of Infotainment, BIKE.COM

"I used my new PROXL-C to get my bike to/from Atlanta for the BRAG Ride. The only problem I encountered was when I attempted to reassemble my bike upon arrival. What should have taken 10-15 minutes took over an hour, due to the large number of inquiries I received about the box. "Where can I get one?..etc."It never failed; I would start to install something then someone else would pass by and the ritual would start all over again! Finally I just kept pointing to your web address that is stencilled on the bottom right corner of the cover.

"One guy came over and, upon hearing the price, said he'could make it for less'. I said,'Really?" He proceeded to work out the costs involved, finally concluding that he had been wrong. He was actually amazed that you can sell the boxes so cheaply! Several people with custom hard cases also were shocked at how inexpensive the PROXL-C was'.

"We mounted it on the roof of one of the BRAG SAG vehicles(a 97 Voyager Minivan)using the H-Strap to secure it to the factory roof rack. It fit like a glove, and held up perfectly in the 100+degree Georgia heat. The thing that really convinced people that they neeeded a CRATE WORKS box was when we arrived in Savannah at the end of the ride. Several people had brought cardboard boxes, and these were reduced to deformed piles of paper by the heat and humidity at the end of the tour. My PROXL-C still looked brand new!"

-Bill Salina

"I am a GB international Triathlete and bought my Pro XL-C bicycle box way back in 2001. I travel to races all over the World with my box and in the last couple of years have raced abroad up to 12 times in a year, even as far as Australia. My bike has always arrived in perfect condition due to the durability and protection of my Crate Works box."

- Andrea Whitcombe. (ITU world cup Female Triathlete)
"Your crate is the greatest and a gem of engineering design - strong enough to do the job and light enough to carry under my arm. Since it fit under the airline ticket counter and was also under 41 pounds with bike, there was no extra charge. No one even asked what was in it. The person next to me with one of those big, heavy, solid cases was not so lucky.

"Thanks for your engineering genius and for making my trip to the DeathRide so economical."

Jim Brockmeier

"I needed to take my Mt.Bike (PROFLEX 857) to the Indian Himalayas for a 400 mile trip through Lahual, Spiti and Kinnaur. I tried all the boxes available
(Perf., Jronmn, etc.) but my bike didn't fit in them. I called CRATE WORKS and ordered the PROXL-C. The bike went in with room to spare. I was able to throw in an extra set of Knobbies as well as some of my camping gear.

The bike (in case) arrived in Delhi and was immediately strapped to the roof of a car for what turned out to be a 20 hour endurance ride on brutal mountain roads. 10 hours into the drive I wondered if there was going to be anything leftof my bike, strapped to a loose roof rack...the next day was the first chance that I had to open the case, to inspect and assembe the bike. It was just as I had packed it! 400 miles later I packed it back up and was even able to include a couple of 6'X3' antique carpets! The bike re-turned home unscathed and it and the case are ready for my next trip whatever that may be. Thanks, Crate Works!"

-Bill Holter
"When I arrived in Mongolia, my baggage (CRATE WORKS box and duffle bag) were no where to be found. The airlines didn't know where my baggage was. It was very lost! I was outfitted on a rental bike from Ulaan Baatar and clothes bought at the open market. While we proceeded on the planned trip the airlines searched high and low..finally Seoul admitted to having my stuff. It took five days for it to catch up with me on the biKe route. The airline flew it to Alaan Baatar, it was put on a small prop plane to northern Mongolia where it was met by a Russian jeep and transported nearly 300 km overland in a snowstorm. When I got out of my tent on the morning of the fifth day, in the snow, I was overjoyed to see my dusty-but very healthy CRATE WORKS box! After assembling my own bike, I packed the rental bike into the box and sent it off to back track to Ulaan Baatar.

At the conclusion of the trip I was asked to help the clients pack their bikes into their boxes. They had all kinds of box variations. The CRATE WORKS boxes were definitely the easiest. Now mine sits in my garage waiting for next year's trip to Mongolia."

-M.C. JENNI, Boojum Expeditions
"As an engineer I am very impressed with the amount of thought that went into the design of the PROXL-C. The instructions are easy to understand and the appearance and quality of the product are excellent."

-K.J. De Angelis EP, CA
"While living and working in Paris as a bicycle journalist, my son covered the Tour de France. With that assignment he naturally made contacts and acquired an Eddy Merckx team bike. Given that it was used during the season and needed some work, the bike came home to California for repairs and adjustments. I think more damage occurred during transport to CA than in the cycling season, thanks to UPS and the traditional cardboard carton.

As his next assignment was in New York, there was reluctance to re-transport via the same carrier and method, not to mention the high price of the soft case.

I found your ad in "Adventure Cycling", placed my order for a PROXL-C and within a week it arrived. Fantastic design and quality! A fair price for those of us still mere mortals and-most important-bike and crate were immuneto damage from TWA baggage handlers..not even a scratch!
Thanks for your great product and prompt service."

-R. Taber, CA
"I made it back for my trip to Nepal and Tibet..your bike box really did the job as it survived numerous airports and a rugged ride in a Chinese army truck for over a month. Thanks again for producing such a great product!"
-T. Kent, CA

The Recumbent Box
"It was fascinating to observe the development process in acton, and to see the care that went into what I feel is an almost optimum design for safely and economically transporting the Bike E. As a recumbents-only dealer, it's great to see our small, but rapidly growing segment of the market given the attention it deserves. Rest assured that the new Bike E Transport System from Crateworks will be a featured offering at 21st Century Bikes!"
-Bob Froom , 21st Century Bikes
Velo News "I appreciated the PRO XL's light weight during a month of travel in Italy. Carrying the box was a breeze on the way to the airport, with only my bike, helmet, and minimal loose gear stowed within. My 56 cm. road bike fit inside the box easily and securely in the exact diagram configuration the Crate Works diagram indicates. The hook and loop straps held everything down flawlessly for the duration of the trip. "The exterior straps kept the unit closed firmly and the CORR-X remained bulletproof. On two intercontinental flights, at least a dozen train trips and several car transfers, the box remained structurally sound and protected my bike. The PRO XL held ample amounts of extra gear accumulated during my trip. I had few complaints and preferred the PRO XL to several systems I've used over the years for it's light weight, durability, serviceability and intelligent design."

-Rob Coppolillo
Bicycling Magazine

"Crate Works are easy to use bike cases you can ship again and again. The Pro I is a double-wall corrugated box with a rigid polyethylene frame plate fastened inside, while the PROXL-C is made of extruded polyethylene, so it's more durable, water resistant, (and two pounds heavier) than the 19 pound Pro I... these cases are cheaper, lighter alternatives to full-on hard cases, and offer far more protection than standard cardboard boxes."


A little over a moth ago, I ordered a PRO XL-C bike box with the intent of transporting a handcycle (crank the bike with your arms instead of legs - primarily used by disabled guys like me). You sent me the box as well as some free extra pieces of foam to use to protect the extra wheel of the bike.

Everything worked very well and I thought you might be interested in a product review I posted on a handcycling community website. You can find the review at the following url:

-John Williamson
Folding Recumbent
Thank you for the super service on the Crateworks Shipping Systems that I ordered. My wife's Bike E is winging it's way to Florida as I type. My daughters' mountain bikes are packed and ready to ship in February and, you may like to know, that my Linear Folding Long Wheel Base Recumbent fit in the same size box as the Bike E. I removed the tires and seat and folded the back of the bike up under the main beam. Without the seat, the handle bars folded parallel to the main frame and I did not have to remove them. I can disassemble and pack the Linear in about 15 minutes. Thanks for a great product.


-Mark Koch
Huron, Ohio

When I fly to the big races, such as the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Championships, it is critical that my bikes arrive safely. Packed in my Crateworks travel case, my valuable cargo has never been damaged, including trips to New Zealand, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, and all over the US. There is plenty of room in the box for my lights, spare parts, and other gear, yet the box folds flat and out of the way when we get there. I am known for being very selective with my equipment. That's why I choose Crateworks.

- Chris Eatough 3-Time 24 Hours Solo Mountain Bike World Champion. Trek/VW