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Happy Pi Day! (3/14)

Happy Pi day everyone (no not the apple kind)! Remember without Pi there would be no bicycles because square tires just don’t work!pie pie

Jogalite Snaplight

The newest product from Jog-a-lite is now here. The Snapalite. Not only is it bright but it is super covenant and light weight, weighing in at 1.2 ounces now that’s a plus when you have to carry it around . . . but wait you don’t have to carry it around either. The Snapalite comes with this handy silicon strap so you can hook it up to the seat post of your bicycle or you could even put it  around your wrist. But wait there’s more you can even put on your clothing or maybe even connect it to the trunk of  your car for a little extra light. Because it has magnets on the back. With this awesome light the possibility’s are endless. The Jog-a-lite Snapalite has three different light modes: One Strobe. Two Flash. Three Constant. The Snapalite comes with batteries but they are replaceable for a lifetime of use.

Jogalites Snaplight with included wristband

Here at Crate Works our goal is to make you our customer’s happy. That’s why along with our Collapsible Crate Works Bike Boxes made of corrugated cardboard or corrugated plastic. We also carry the entire line of the Jog-A-Lite products. There are many different styles and colors available plus reflective dog collars and leashes. Both Crate Works Bike Boxes and Jog-A-Lite Products are made in the U.S.A. Check out for the Bike Boxes or the reflective safety gear we offer.


Youtube Video of a really Big Bike!

Check out this video of someone riding a 10 Foot tall bike. I Don’t know if i would want to see the bike box that would fit that frame!

RAGBRAI: The Great Bicycle Touring Event

We have heard from a number of Crate works owners that will be at this years RAGBRAI, IF you headed there its not too late to order a box and bring your Bicycle to the RAGBRAI XLIII starting on July 25,2015. Heres a article we published in the past about some of the history of Ragbrai. Enjoy!


RAGBRAI ® is a Bicycle touring event held every year since 1973 in the state or Iowa in the Central United States Of America. Started in 1973 is has grown to be the longest bicycle touring event in the world.

Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride across Iowa, better known as RABGRAI ® started in 1974 as an idea for a Writer for the Des Moines Register to travel by bicycle across Iowa and write about what the writer saw from the bicycle vantage point. In 1973 there were very few riders in fact only 131 made it thru the whole route from Sioux City to Davenport though over 500 riders traveled on some parts of the route.

In the second year 1974 the rides name was changed to SAGBRAI or the Second Annual Great bicycle ride across Iowa. On the Third year the Name RAGBRAI ® was adopted along with the Roman numeral to indicate the year of the race. Also on the third year the tradition which still continues today of dipping your bike tires in the Missouri river before the start of the ride and the Mississippi river at the end of the ride.  As time as continued on the route has changed from one city to another but always beginning on the western side of Iowa and finishing on the eastern end, with the tire dipping at each end. Also the number of riders has grown from exponentially 131 the first year to 7500 in 1984 and over 25,000 today. Much more of the history of Ragbrai ® is available on the website    Many media outlets have covered RAGBRAI ® as well including major network media and ESPN. Also a Documentary movie called “A Million Spokes” was filmed while traveling the route and is available online and has been shown on the Documentary channel.

The Crate Works Transport systems Bicycle shipping boxes are great to use when traveling to the RAGBRAI ® event. These boxes are lighter than most of the other cases and collapsible they are easier to ship ahead or check in and also easier to find room to store while you on the week long RAGBRAI ® adventure.

Bike to work day 2012

We hope that many of our readers were able to enjoy Bike to work day (Friday May 18,2012) . Here in New Hampshire it certainly is some great biking weather. Check out the attached picture of the bikes and gear we used to get work work today…

Smithsonian Article: Extreme Races

I just ran across this article form the smithsonian with some great info on some of the Extreme bike and foot races thruought the world. This areicle breifly mentions the Race Across america (RAAM), the Badwater ultramarathon, Paris-Brest-Paris Ultracycling event, and even one called the CROCODILE TROPHY. check out the blog article on the Smithsonian site at:



Crateworks Announces price increase effective 4/2/2011 / Due to recent rising costs mostly in raw material,and inbound transport costs Crateworks will be raising the price on the all 3 of their Bicycle boxes on April 2,2011 The PRO 1 will be going up $20, wheras the PRO XL-C will be going up $30 and the PRO XL-TC will be increasing by $40 also on April 2nd . Please feel free to contact us thru our website if you have any questions. Many Thanks for your interest in our products.

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