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Rhode Island’s East Bay Bike Path

Heres another story of a senic bike path that looks like a nice ride for anyone on 2 wheels.

The East Bay Bike path travels between Providence and Bristol, Rhode Island along the senic shores of Narragnesett Bay and at 14.5 miles long its certainly a easy day trip for most any cyclist. There are also some breif details on the Blackstone  River bike way which is also in RI.


See the entire Hartford Courant article here:


One Response to Rhode Island’s East Bay Bike Path

  • I was a longtime resident of Plymouth/Campton and had the pleasure of riding all the great roads and trails in your area. ( Love the Tree Farm in Merideth where the Rock Ring was invented ). But now I live in Rhode Island…about 1/4 mile from the Blackstone Bike Path. I’ll give you a little side info… One section of the totally flat BBP goes for just over 9 miles. There is only one road crossing where you have to yield right of way. Other than that it is just a meandering bike path that follows a lazy river filled with ducks, swans, n turtles. A peaceful ride, but overpopulated on the weekends.

    While the East Bay Path is almost 14 miles long ( and very scenic ), you are crossing thru a densely populated area. Expect a good dozen or more STOP signs as you travel along this route.

    Projections are for a 2017 completion for the Rhode Island path…if it goes as planned will run from Worcester, MA to Newport, RI. The easiest parts were completed first, now there is some rock cutting to be done…blazing the trail.

    In summary, Rhode Island is pretty industrialized and built up. While there is pretty decent road biking here I find the better roads are in the Western and NW part of the state…also alot of great riding in southern Mass. The BBP is a great way to safely get to where you want to ride without having to ride on the main roads.

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