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Bicycle Sundays in New York City

Something we heard about recently though it has been going on for years (since 1974 to be Exact). On Sundays on the Bronx River parkway in New york City (which is the oldest Parkway in America) is closed to Vehicular traffic and opened to Bicyclist Rollerbladers and pedestrians. The Parkway is free of cars from 10am to 2pm during the spring and fall seasons (its not available in July and August).

This is also a economic Boost to area businesses as people who use the parkway for recreation are sure to stop in the restaurants and shops that are in the area for food drink and other items.

If it was closer to Crateworks base in New Hampshire we would be sure to use it on Sundays it sonds like a neat ride for anyone on a bicycle. Has anyone in the Crateworks community used this on a Bicycle sunday?


For more information check out this article from New York Newsday:



Bicyclists Enjoy a ride on the Bronx River Parkway on Bicycle Sunday ( NY NEWSDAY PHOTO)


2 Responses to Bicycle Sundays in New York City

  • Steve, For God’s sake at least spell the name of your own company correctly!
    Luv, cuz

    Not sure what happened… but its fixed 🙂

  • Spelling on CRATEWORKS..check it!!!! Luv, Cuz

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